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Read Testimonials from Satisfied Patients

When patients visit ToothWhisperer, they are often pleasantly surprised by the quality and care of our services. We invite you to read through the testimonials on this page to see what our clients throughout North Vancouver and beyond have to say about our practice. To make an appointment, contact us today.

Came From Victoria to Vancouver to Have Our Teeth Cleaned

"On May 24 and 25, 2013, we came from Victoria to Vancouver to have our teeth cleaned at your clinic. We have been doing this for several years now and want to thank you for the careful work you do and the professional atmosphere that exists in your clinic. Your concern for our oral health and positive suggestions for its improvement have resulted in the fact that neither of us have had any serious concerns with our dentist. Your continuing professional development by attending the annual dental conference gives us confidence in the advice you give and your understanding of new procedures and products. We are also appreciative of your skills as you work, and of the time you give us and your concern for our welfare. It is very worthwhile for us to make the trip three times a year from Victoria to Vancouver to receive this service from you. Thank you very much."

-Bob and Gail W.

Excellent Hygienist Service

"Since going to Marica for the past two years my gums are healed and do not bleed during scaling. Marica gives a free check-up and can recommend to you the best and most reasonably priced dentist in town if required. She charges according to the fee guide that is acceptable to insurance companies, she gives discounts and has flexible opening hours. In addition, Marica uses natural products. Marica gives excellent service that I have not yet experienced from a hygienist. I also found it helpful that she speaks Hungarian!"

-Csaba T.

I Can See Much Improvement

"Dear Marica,

I am so happy to have listened to my intuition and visited you for a consultation! When I came to you, I had very deep gum pockets that developed over time. After getting [regular] treatments from you, I can see much improvement - I cannot feel tartar deposits on my teeth anymore (and I used to feel it after two months of getting a cleaning), and also the gum pockets have started to decrease in depth. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to show/verify/correct the way I was cleaning my teeth, which nobody before you bothered to do! I also appreciate your passion and your hard work in taking care of my issues. Thank you so much for treating my gums, and saving my wisdom teeth (yes, even those can be saved)."

-Mihaela C.

Already Notice a Remarkable Improvement

"I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job that you did cleaning my teeth. I could not be more pleased with the level of care given at my appointment. I can already notice a remarkable improvement, and I look forward to future visits and sharing my positive experience with friends. Congratulations on a job well done!"

-J. Fred W.

Best Cleaning Ever

"When I moved to Vancouver, I was looking for a place that had great dental care. I really care about my teeth. My mother and sister raved about their hygienist Marica Szeleczki at ToothWhisperer. I was not disappointed, she is great! She really knows her stuff, and when you leave her office you know that you have had the best cleaning ever. At ToothWhisperer I never get lectured about how I don't floss enough or I don't floss correctly. I really appreciate that.

Now I actually enjoy going to get my teeth cleaned."

-Marty T.

My Teeth are So White

"Marica was fabulous! She gave me the best teeth cleaning I have ever experienced. My teeth are so white! I love how she used natural products as opposed to chemical ones whenever there was the option. I'm so happy."

-Julia R., Producer/TV Show Host, Jiggy.TV

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